Nuova Simonelli Aurellia II

Nuova Simonelli Aurellia II

The Aurelia II is the espresso machine for those who are looking for unprecedented performance and reliability. With four different models and a number of group head configurations, you can be sure the Aurelia II has a solution to your espresso need

Perfect for: High Quality Shops, High Volume Locations, Demanding Professionals,
Barista Competitors, Specialty Coffee Shops



Aurelia the best ever

Undoubtedly an Aurelia, and yet… Now with a little more. Aurelia II, the favorite coee machine of the best baristas is enriched with the new Easy Cream technology to meet a big sector needs, always aiming for excellence. A strong and character machine increasing its high technology

Easy Cream

Perfect cappuccino, always. The foundation of preparing a perfect cappuccino is always the barista’s technique and expertise. Easy Cream technology can help those who have not yet reached these high levels. The milk system flexibility offers great opportunities in relation to customer preferences: more or less creamy and with a defined temperature. And for the most demanding Aurelia II is also provided to the second programming button.*

Proportional Integral Derivative

Aurelia II presents again the tested SIS system that is synonymous with superior quality and creamy extractions.

Raised Groups

The machine can be ordered with regular height groups (80 mm) or raised height groups (125mm) if you also want to work with tall glasses.

Automatic Cleaning

Aurelia II allows independent automatic cleaning of each individual group. Washing and operating hours can be carried out simultaneously. No need to wait for closing time.


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Semi, Volumetric, Digital, T3


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