Curtis G4 1.0 Gallon ThermoPro Twin

A 4.3 inch touchscreen is the hub of the Curtis G4 ThermoPro The icon-driven interface allows you to brew out of the box through the usage of per-set global recipes. This same touchscreen allows you to tinker with the brewing parameters such as brew time, temperature, and volume, giving you precise control over your coffee. Furthermore, the touchscreen provides you with preventative maintenance reminders as well as alerts of system failure.

Other features of the G4 ThermoPro include a centrally located hot water spout and mineral tolerant, fast-wetting AFS sprayhead. Additionally, this Curtis G4 brewer offers an enhanced recovery circuit for increased performance.


  • Generation Four (G4) Digital Control Module – Large, 4.3″ touch screen. Icon-driven interface streamlines operation
  • On-Screen Instructions – Provides fast, intuitive training; reduces service calls
  • Built-In Self Diagnostic System
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Gold Cup Series™ – Programmable Time, Temperature, Volume, Pre-Infusion, Pulse-Brewing And Bypass
  • Pre-Set, One-Touch Global Recipes – Based On Coffee Type, Grind And Weight. Simplifies Profile Setting For Gourmet Results Every Time
  • Industry’s Most Effective Mineral Tolerant Design
  • Patented Fast-Wetting AFS Sprayhead
  • Non-Metallic Water Level Probe
  • Non-Immersed Water Temperature Sensor
  • Encapsulated Control Board – Protects Against Steam, Water And Impact
  • Enhanced Recovery Circuitry – boosts performance on 220V/single phase models
  •  Dispenser sold separately

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