Draft Coffee System

Instant infusion of nitrogen allows you to run coffee at lower, safer pressures while getting the desired effect of a smooth creamy frothy head of nitrogen infused cold coffee. Say goodbye to high pressures and rolling kegs on the ground, ineffective infusion practices, and say hello to less product and gas waste, and a plug and play system that keeps your nitro cold brew and iced coffee going all day.


•Dual faucet for nitro and still

•Instant infusion of nitrogen without conditioning the keg.

•1 year parts warranty, 3 years on the compressor.

•Stainless Tower with all 304 stainless steel liquid contact

•All faucets are 304 stainless steel

•2 x 5 gallon product tanks (1 dispensing, 1 back up).

•110V/20A electrical

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