Franke A600

Every Franke coffee machine is packed with true passion and 100 percent Swissness. During product development, we learn from the experiences of restaurant operators, study the needs of coffee roasters and coffee lovers, and work tirelessly to further improve our products. The latest product resulting from this constant drive for innovation is the A600.

INCLUDES: 2 grinders, 1 powder hopper, hot water tap, lockable hoppers, and iQ flow. It is a foam master hot/cold foam, with clean master cartridge system.


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As a truly intelligent coffee machine, the A600 redefines convenience.

  • Enormously flexible, the A600’s self-service capabilities dramatically improve efficiency in professional use.
  • The eight-inch color touchscreen with crystal clear resolution is the perfect interface for you and your guests. Intuitive menu prompts result in straightforward, efficient operation.
  • The selection of beverages can be set individually and adapted to your exact requirements. Achieve additional sales through the exceptionally easy placement of advertising messages and custom images on the display.
  • The ideal user interface is at your disposal to address every possible application and use.
  • Intuitive overview for self-service operation
  • Using a clearly understandable grid, guests place their order from an attractive menu of beverages.
  • This can be customized easily with your own images. The desired beverage can be selected in the blink of an eye with a simple touch or swipe of a finger, and it’s just as easy to set the cup size and the desired flavor.
  • Inspiring menu format
  • The large-format menu overview tempts users into selecting their own beverage creation.
  • Inspiring images invite customers to explore an almost limitless range of beverages.
  • High volume efficiency
  • Large orders can be entered simply in a single step and then prepared one after the other at the touch of a button. This method supports service personnel and reduces their workload, reduces mistakes and makes it possible to exploit the full capacity of your machine.
  • Functional lighting concept for total control. The LED lighting concept not only gives the central display a stylish appearance, it also issues warning messages (such as “Caution: hot drink being prepared”) and operator messages (such as “Add coffee beans or milk” or “Empty the coffee grounds container”). This gives you total control at all times and at any distance